Different Types Of Door Locks And Handles

Do you want to know which door locks and handles will work best for your business or home? This article will provide you an overview of the various types of locks and handle you can use for your property. You can narrow down your choice by considering security factors. Below are the different types of door locks and handle.

1. Padlocks

Padlocks are not permanent and come in different sizes. They are easy to identify and can be found in two types: combination and keyed padlocks. Combination padlocks require a set number to open them. If they are entered correctly, the user will need these numbers. These clasps are simple to decode or shim.

2. Deadbolts

Deadbolts can be used on exterior doors and offer more options than padlocks. There are three types of deadbolts: single, double and lockable thumb-turn. The lock for the single cylinder has a key barrel on the outside and a thumb-turn on the inside. If an intruder has a thumb-turn, the lock can be easily opened from the inside.

3. Lever Handle Locks

Lever locks are very popular for inner doors in commercial buildings. This type of lock is much easier to open than knob locks. The lock has a large push-down handle that one must turn to unlock the door. This lock is suitable for increasing accessibility for those with disabilities. Torque attack can cause lever locks to give in to pressure.

4. Knob Locks

Knob locks can be installed on exterior doors of residential properties. These locks can be used to increase security when deadbolt locks are installed on doors. External doors should not be locked with a knob lock. This is because the cylinder is located on the doorknob, not the door.

You can then remove the door with a hammer and bypass it by using pliers. Make sure the lock has the right back set and handedness when you buy it, you can buy central locking kit also.

5. Cam Locks

These locks are very popular for mailboxes and filing cabinets. These locks come in various sizes and can be connected with other locking mechanisms. You can open the lock by turning it clockwise, or vice versa.

6. Mortise Locks

Mortise locks, also known as rim locks, are commonly used on glass doors. Rim latch locks can be fitted with rim cylinders. The latches can be installed inside the door. The latches are installed inside the door. The lock is held at the end by two screws.

7. Wall Mounted Locks

These locks can be mounted on walls and are commonly found in large commercial buildings. They are safes that can be used to protect items. They can also be used to lock emergency access points in areas where the premise keys are kept.

8. Vending Locks

These locks are also known as the T-handle lock. These locks are most commonly found on vending machines. They can be used at many locations and are easy to replace. You can remove the T-lock and replace it by removing it. There are two types of T-locks: the spring latch and the dead latch.

9. Furniture Locks

It is used on sliding doors, desks, and cabinets. There are two types. Bolt-style locks are secured by a flat metal that extends from the sides. The push-button model comes with a rod that secures the lock.

10. Rim Latch Locks

On one side of the lock is a rim-cylinder, while the other has a surface mount lock. These locks are great for securing your door behind you. These locks are ubiquitous in residential homes. You can combine them with other types for added security.

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